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Wild Berry Limeade 120mL

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Take a moment to pretend that it’s a hot summer day. You’ve been out working on a project… painting the house, mowing the lawn, or building a doghouse. Whatever you’ve been doing, you are hot and tired. You need something to cool you off: something that is refreshing and thirst-quenching. Sure, there’s always lemonade, but you’re a rebel. You don’t go for the typical, ordinary, boring drinks. You want something different… something exciting. So instead of reaching for the ice-cold glass of lemonade, you look, instead, for some LIMEade. It’s lemonade’s more-sour cousin; a pucker-inducing treat that is a little zany, a little out there, maybe. It’s also the base in Wild Berry Limeade, an e-juice from Doctor Big Vapes E Liquid. Vaping with this tasty juice is just like taking a drink from a tall glass of limeade on a hot day: sweet, tangy, and refreshing. The wild berry flavors come from strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries: a delicious cocktail of fruity goodness. Combined with the tangy taste of the limeade, the Wild Berry Limeade flavor creates a sweet-and-sour flavor profile that is reminiscent of taking a bite of your favorite sugar-coated sour candy. It’s a refreshing, zesty blend that is perfect when you’re looking for a pick-me-up, or just a sweet treat. Dr. Big Vapes creates smooth, flavorful vapes that appeal to any type of vaper, and Wild Berry Limeade is a delightful addition to your flavor collection. While limeade is often full of sugar, this blend is calorie-free indulgence that you enjoy whenever you want. No need to worry about sugar spikes or crashes; it’s a delight from start to finish, from beginning of the bottle to the very end. So get a bottle of Wild Berry Limeade and enjoy a sweet-and-sour e-juice that tastes as good as it sounds! This product is brought to you by Big Bottle Co. E Liquid.