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Superhero 18650 Battery Wrap

Superhero 18650 Battery Wrap

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One 18650 Superhero battery wrap.

Iron Man
Captain America

Show your batteries some love with these super cool superhero battery wraps. 

Don’t Scrap It, Re-wrap it

The process is quick and easy, after the first couple of times you re-wrap your 18650 batteries you should be able to do this in a minute or 2. Youtube is your friend.

Search Youtube for: "How to rewrap 18650 batteries

Preparing For The Operation

The list of items you will need is straight forward:

  • An 18650 Battery (and its partner)
  • Superhero battery wrap
  • Heat Gun ( or hair dryer if you don’t have one lying around).

Read more http://guidetovaping.com/2015/12/31/how-to-re-wrap-18650-batteries/

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