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Sublime Salt 30ml

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Sublime Hybrid By Riot Squad Salt E-Liquid 30ml Review

Looking for a fruity ejuice that will really shock your senses? Sublime Hybrid by Riot Squad Salt E-Liquid 30ml is the ultimate duo between two astonishingly bright and zesty fruits that never fail to rock the taste buds. Bright lemons and juicy limes join forces to give you that perfect touch of sour goodness that leaves your mouth watering like crazy, all while you take full control over your vaping experience with the help of salt-based nicotine for some added satisfaction.

Get treated to a tart and citrus notes that rush over the tongue. As they increase intensity, your mouth begins to pucker, before changing over to refreshing tang. A perfect amount of sweetness balances it all out, leaving you feeling truly euphoric from head-to-toe, just like you sucked the real juices out of those beautiful little fruits.

Sublime Hybrid vape juice from Riot Squad Salt comes in a small, uniquely shaped bottle with a low-key but still fresh throat hit base of 50/50 VG/PG to amaze vapers everywhere.

Enjoy the buzz of boldness that makes you forget where you are as you simply savor every session.

Package Contents Include: 

  • 1 x 30ml bottle of Sublime Hybrid by Riot Squad Salt

VG/PG: 50/50
Flavor Profile: Lemon, Lime, Fruit