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Sub Lime 60mL

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Sublime By Riot Squad E-Liquid 60ml is a fruity trio that is unlike any other that you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. With its tart and sweet flavor profile, it’s certain to leave your tongue in a state of pure excitement the whole way through.

Starts out with bright, tart lemon that soaks into every nook and cranny of your tongue, giving you a profound sense of exhilaration. Next comes lime which gives a stronger citrusy kick while offering subtle notes of tropical goodness. As the mouth puckers, black currants hit the spot with pops of sweetness that balance out the tartness of the citrusy juices. The exhale leaves you feeling refreshed beyond your wildest dreams, as you find yourself unable to resist taking just one more puff of vapor.

Sublime vape juice from Riot Squad comes in a medium-sized, uniquely shaped bottle with a 70/30 VG/PG fog blend.

If you’re a fanatic looking for something new, this is the ejuice to add to your collection today.