Butter Cookie 100ml

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Butter Cookie Ejuice by SadBoy Ejuice features a freshly baked butter cookie, soft and warm from the oven! The buttery smoothness is wonderfully present, along with a sweet dessert flavor. You might trick your taste buds into thinking you're enjoying the real thing! Grab a bottle and puff on sweet and buttery cookie clouds all day long!


It's a warm day in the eliquid bakery, and the scents of freshly baked cookies tumble down all around you. The warm and sugary fragrance of soft cookies cooling on a tray is more than your taste buds can bear, so you head down to the master baker and see for yourself how these tasty treats are made! A pound of softened sweet butter is mixed gently with pure cane sugar, along with a dash of Tahitian vanilla and a few whipped eggs. The entire mixture is beaten into a fluffy cookie batter and is mixed with other dry ingredients to form a sweet and sticky cookie dough!

A fat spoonful of cookie dough is plopped onto a cookie sheet and stuffed into the oven to bake to golden brown saucers of buttery goodness. At last, your taste buds can sample the smooth and silky sweetness of a freshly baked cookie! The rich butter flavor comes through on the inhale, while the flavorful sugar sweetness comes through in the exhale. This all-day vape e-juice promises to satisfy those never-ending cravings for something sweet. Add this fresh and buttery cookie flavor called Butter Cookie by Sadboy eLiquid to your collection of dessert eliquids and sail the high seas on clouds of sweet and buttery goodness!