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Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Raspberry, Candy

One of the best kinds of candy, hands-down, is the gummy. It can be sweet, sour, covered in a candy shell, covered in sugar… it’s perfect, really. A unique entry into the gummy category is the sugar-coated rings that you can buy in a bag at any grocery store. They are usually a little bland: maybe a peach flavor. Still pretty good, of course. But “good” wasn’t going to cut it for Doctor Big Vapes, the creator of some of the most unique flavor combinations. They recognized that the gummy ring was an amazing idea for a candy-based vape: they wanted a taste that would remind every vaper of biting into a sweet gummy ring. But they didn’t stick with just a plain peach flavor. They decided to choose more exciting, interesting fruit flavors: watermelon and raspberries, an unusual pair that compliments each other perfectly. They have called this blend Patch’s, because the fruity flavors in this juice are so potent, it’s like grabbing a handful of berries from your local fruit patch and taking a bite. The watermelon and raspberry combination creates a tart, juicy flavor that is a refreshing treat. When it is mixed with the sweet candy base, it makes something truly exceptional. It’s a bunch of unexpected flavors that work better than you would expect. Dr. Big Vapes strives to create e-juices that are interesting flavors, but that still make for smooth, enjoyable vaping session. Patch’s is another example of this approach to an exceptional vape. While it is easy to overeat candy (and regret it later), the Patch’s juice is the perfect way to enjoy the sweetness of candy without the calories, or sugar rush. It’s an unexpected blend that tastes as good from the first vape to the last. Whether you love fruity flavors, candy flavors, or both, this is a fantastic blend that belongs in your collection! This product is brought to you by Big Bottle Co. E Liquid.