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O.P.M.S.® Silver Powder

O.P.M.S. also tests all Kratom batches for heavy metals, feces, salmonella, and mold content. O.P.M.S. also fine screens all Kratom batches to remove any foreign objects.   O.P.M.S. products are than sterilized for further public safety.

O.P.M.S. has developed a unique process of pulverizing its Kratom powder to a very fine powder. This process allows more surface area for the Kratom powder, making it much more desirable. It also allows O.P.M.S. to compact more powder into a smaller capsule.


The Different Types

  1. The OPMs Kratom Silver Thai

The OPMs silver Thai is quite advantageous. It gives the user a lot of energy and also improves memory. Using it also improves mood, making it ideal for people suffering from depression. It relaxes the user. It’s a suitable alternative for coffee. You can assure of being energized throughout the day. It also increases the attention span of the user. It’s practically a cognitive enhancer.

  1. The OPMs Silver Maeng Da

The Maeng Da extract is also a favorite strain. Due to the ancient grafting technique used to grow it, it exceptionally has a high level of alkaloids compared to other Kratom. It’s an excellent cognitive enhancer and prevents fatigue. The strain is also capable of inducing euphoria.

  1. The OPMs Silver Malay

Malay strain is ideal for beginners and can last for up to 8 hours. It’s good for people suffering from insomnia and anxiety. It’s also an effective painkiller. The OPMs Malay extract will give you the energy to go about with your daily duties. The strain is also an anti-diarrhea medicine.