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Kangaroo Kustard 100ml

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Kangaroo Kustard E-Liquid by Cloud Thieves is a smooth vanilla custard topped with rainbow sprinkle infused vanilla frosting. Custard fans have been in love with this indulgent treat of a vape juice for years. Perfectly melding a rich vanilla custard with a creamy and sweet vanilla frosting has helped Kangaroo Kustard E-Liquid make a name for itself as a custard flavor that sits apart from the rest. An absolute try for custard fans and vanilla lovers alike, this is a must try flavor for any vape enthusiast. Now is the perfect time to find out why Kangaroo Kustard E-Liquid and Cloud Thieves have been stealing a place in all day vape juice flavor rotations for years!

Brand Recognition:

Cloud Thieves E-Liquid comes to you from New York City and presents a diverse line-up of vape juice flavors designed from the ground up to be all day indulgent treats. Cinnaroo leads the pack for Cloud Thieves, and sets the tone for a selection of vape juice which is sure to provide feelings of nostalgia. Treat yourself to an impossibly rich bowl of creamy vanilla frosting topped off with your favorite sugary cinnamon cereal. This may not be a healthy option to eat on a daily basis, but with Cloud Thieves you can experience it all day long with none of the guilt. With a knack for developing vanilla frosting flavors, the New York based team has graced us with their take on the classic vanilla custard e-liquid, with a strawberry spin off for extra measure. Come find out why Cloud Thieves e-liquid has been stealing a place in the all day vape rotations of vape enthusiasts for years! At Premium Vape Supply we are excited to offer the full range of Cloud Thieves products at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping you have come to expect.


Bottle Size: 100mL (milliliter)

VG/PG: 70/30