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Iced Melon Berries 60mL

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Frozen fruits abound in this delicious concoction from Coastal Clouds! Three types of frosty melons were used in this vape juice, along with a delicious frozen berry that your taste buds will love. Frozen watermelons are the first melon in this icy e-liquid. Brush off the soft snow from these swollen melons to discover the rich and icy flavor of flash frozen watermelons! Chilled cantaloupe joins in, the bumpy rind carefully guarding the frozen orange flesh within! Last in our trio of frosty melons is the icy honeydew melons. The pale green rind is the same color as the frozen melon within, ready and waiting to reveal this smooth and refreshing flavor as soon as you carve it up!

These frozen melons were hacked into large chunks and sprinkled throughout the vape juice for a well-rounded melon flavor. But one last frozen fruit has yet to descend on your taste buds: frozen winter strawberries! Once a delightful summer fruit, these frosty berries are cold and sweet from being trapped underneath an icy layer of snow. Once thawed, these winter berries present a cool and refreshing flavor that your taste buds will fall in love with. Enjoy a cold and fruity vape juice with three different types of melons and a winter strawberry, all made possible by Iced Melon Berries by Coastal Clouds!