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Cherry Fizzle Salt 30ml

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Cherry Fizzle Hybrid by Riot Squad Salt E-Liquid 30ml Review

There are fruity flavors, and then there are fruity flavors that explode on the tongue, causing every taste bud to quiver with pure excitement. It’s time to be rioting against boring vapes and treat yourself to Cherry Fizzle Hybrid by Riot Squad Salt E-Liquid 30ml. This an exquisitely crafted ejuice with a flavor note bolder than anything you’ve ever vaped. It makes you feel like you’re finally in full control of your vaping hobby by providing a purely clean and impressively powerful blast of real, freshly picked cherries that’re so outrageously juicy from start to finish.

Inhale sourness immediately that unapologetically makes the mouth pucker profusely as you try to contain your excitement. Shockwaves of pleasure run through your body as brightness and sharpness become smoother, like velvet running across the mouth. The exhale lets you savor that succulent sweetness as the thirst feels intensely relieved.

Cherry Fizzle Hybrid vape juice from Riot Squad Salt comes in a small, uniquely shaped bottle and brings with it some truly pleasing throat hits.

Succulent, sour, and tangy, this salt-based nicotine e liquid really doesn’t disappoint.

Package Contents Include: 

  • 1 x 30ml bottle of Cherry Fizzle Hybrid by Riot Squad Salt

VG/PG: 50/50
Flavor Profile: Cherry