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Avatar ICR 18650 (2000mAh) 30A 3.6v Batteries (2 Pack)

Avatar ICR 18650 (2000mAh) 30A 3.6v Batteries (2 Pack)

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The Avatar ICR 18650 (2000mAh) 30A 3.6V battery is 100% authentic! This lightweight high-performance battery is Avatar’s lithium battery with a flat-top design. Having a 30A peak discharge and a continuous discharge current of 20A, the Avatar battery is rechargeable and safe enough for your vaping device.



Product Specifications:
Model: Avatar ICR 18650
Size: 18650
Nominal Capacity: 2000mAh
Minimum Capacity: 1900mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 20A
Continuous Discharge Current: 20A
Rechargeable: Yes
Dimensions: 18mm x 65mm
Weight: 44 g

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